Which Rampant Rabbit is Best For You?

Ann Summers Rampant Rabbit Buying Guide

Ann Summers are well-known for their high quality adult toys and their exclusive Rampant Rabbits are top of the range.

Other companies have copied Rampant Rabbits but it’s difficult to compete with the sleek sensual designs and the sheer thrills provided by a genuine Rampant Rabbit.

Of course, the difficult choice is to decide which Rampant Rabbit is best for you, considering that there are so many, all with different features, all designed to bring you to the heights of mind-numbing pleasure, whatever your taste.

So –  which shall be ‘The One’?


rampant rabbit the midnight one

The Midnight One

Choosing Your Rampant Rabbit

Rampant Rabbits are no run-of-the-mill rabbit vibrators. As well as all the usual tricks and treats of the rabbit vibrator – clit-stimulating rabbit, variable vibration speeds – Ann Summers has contrived new ways to ramp up your delirium and delight.

Read on…


Movers and Shakers

So, in deciding which is the best rampant rabbit vibrator for you, there are many things to think about. To keep it simple though, think about the kinds of sensations you like best. And then find the rampant rabbit to match. Because Rampant rabbits now go well beyond simple vibrations (although they all still do this too).

Take one of the newer rampant rabbit vibrators, The Mighty One. Its smooth silicone shaft is perfectly curved to stimulate your g-spot while the buttons accelerate the good vibrations. Which means you can really ramp it up and damp it down as you please.

Another new one, The Moregasm One, does all this and more. Featuring new “climax technology”, its motors send deep vibrations pulsing through you more powerfully than ever before.

If a steady heavy throbbing sensation is more your thing, then go for The Throbbing One. Its 3 throbbing settings, combined with 7 rabbit ear settings, will get you pulsating your way to pleasure.



There are now not one but two thrusting rampant rabbits: the old classic The Thrusting One and the newbie Feel the Thrust rampant rabbit. (Quick tip: The Thrusting One gets better reviews than Feel the Thrust so far, so is probably the one to go for.)



Rampant Rabbit The Platinum Rotating OneIf you’re a fan of the classic pearl rabbit vibrator then The Pearl One is going to drive you wild. Pearl beads rotate in the shaft to stimulate your g-spot deliciously and you can change the speed and direction of their motion.

On the other hand, the The Rotating One might possibly drive you even wilder. As well as featuring rotating pearls, the head of the shaft rotates too.

As does that of The Platinum Rotating One – possibly the Queen of the rotating rampant rabbits…

The Little Slim Silicone One, The Rampant Rabbit and The Midnight One also feature rotating pearls in the shaft and are all slimmer in size.



And if you like it going around,  The Silicone Rotating One, The Silicone Curved One and The Rotating One all feature a deliciously rotating shaft.

If the rotating motion is a touch too much for you, then try the Feel the Swivel one – it has a beautifully bulbous head which swivels at three different speeds to sensuously massage your g-spot.


Size It Up

Okay, size isn’t everything when it comes to choosing which rampant rabbit is best, but it is important, and coming in a whole array of different sizes, there is a Rampant Rabbit to perfectly fit  you.


The Bendy One, The Rechargeable One, The Rotating One, The Throbbing One and The Platinum Rotating One all shape up to give you up to 7 inches of deeply insertable shafting, although the rotating and throbbing motions of these last two might give them the edge in making you feel entirely full.



rampant rabbit the little shaking one rabbit vibrator

The Little Shaking One

However, maybe you’re a bunny beginner. Or prefer a bit less penetration. Or simply want a rabbit vibrator that’s easy to travel with. If so, there are a few smaller models to suit you and your suitcase.

The Little Shaking One, The Little Slim Silicone One and The Mini Rechargeable One are the smallest of the Rampant Rabbits, up to just 5 inches in length and with more slender – but ultra-shapely – shafts.

Also, The Rampant Rabbit and The Midnight One are slim-shafted, though a little longer.

Don’t worry – these more slimline models still give plenty pleasure for their measure . They provide all the power of the larger Rampant Rabbits but with gentler entry.



sensations feel the g spot rampant rabbit vibrator

Feel the G-Spot


The Little Shaking One is not only petite but perfectly formed with a curved tip to reach your G-spot. The tip is covered in little bumps to really make sure you feel it, and with 11 vibration speeds behind it, your g-spot is in for a ride.

If you really like it to reach right in though, there are several larger Rampant Rabbits whose heads also curve nicely into your G-spot. The Mighty One, The Golden One, The Rechargeable One, The Silicone One, The Silicone Curved One, The Throbbing One – and especially The Moregasm One are all guaranteed to get your G-force going.

Then there’s the Feel the G-Spot rampant rabbit. Not only is its head bent to nestle into your g-spot but it actually moves with a ‘come-hither’ motion to press right into your g-spot. With four different speeds!



Maybe you have trouble reaching your G-spot though, even with a specially designed g-spot vibrator. Everyone’s a different shape and size after all. But I said there is a Rampant Rabbit for everybody’s needs and specifications, and there is. Oh yes.

Exactly as it says, The Bendy One and The Silicone Curved One are flexible enough to be adjusted  exactly to your inner shapes and desires. They’ll (almost) bend over backwards for you, if you want!



the metal one rampant rabbit vibrator

The Metal One

Maybe you don’t want flexibility though. Maybe you want a Rampant Rabbit which is hard and strong and doesn’t give way…

In that case, the following Rampant Rabbits may be best for you. The Golden One has a hard plastic shaft but it doesn’t get great reviews. So The Metal One is probably the best Rampant Rabbit for you if you like it hard, with its smooth aluminium shaft.

If you want a more slender Rampant Rabbit, then go for The Rampant Rabbit or The Midnight One. Both have firm plastic shafts with slimline designs. They’re not as hard as the others but unyielding nonetheless.

And don’t worry, however hard the shaft is, the vibrating rabbits are still soft and cuddly on your clit!


rampant rabbit the hands free one vibrator

The Hands-Free One


If you’d rather not handle your Rampant Rabbit at all, then go for The Hands Free One – once it’s in, then you can ride with your hands free for other things…



Next up for inspection are the power levels of the rabbits – how rampant are they really? Which is the best rampant rabbit for pure power?

The Mighty One is a force to be reckoned with and it’s easy to use too. Instead of different vibration settings, there are two buttons you can press down to simply accelerate and decelerate the power as you like.

The Rechargeable One is also extremely powerful. It has 30% more power than most battery-operated models and the obvious advantage that no extra batteries are required. Simply charge it up with its mains adapter and feel it go go go.



The Silicone Curved One



It’s not just about what you do though, is it – it’s also about how it feels….  And if you want to experience a smooth and soft Rampant Rabbit you really can’t get any better than a luxurious silicone one. These include Feel the G-spot and Feel the Thrust, The Little Slim One, The Pearl One, The Rechargeable One. And of course, the various silicone onesThe Silicone Curved One, The Silicone Rotating One, and The Silicone One .

Small and large, they just slide right in. As well as being the safest material, silicone warms to your skin too.



Sometimes the loud buzz of a good bang can really get you off, but sometimes you need to ensure a more discreet self-pleasure session. In those situations a quiet rabbit is what you want.

Several of the Rampant Rabbits featured here are claimed by Ann Summers to be “quiet”. However this is one feature where the official description and the real feedback don’t always match up.

So if a quiet motor is important to you, then as well as reading the blurbs, be sure to read the reviews too.

According to customer reviews, the quietest Rampant Rabbit vibrators are The Mini Rechargeable One, The Mighty One and The Rechargeable One.


rampant rabbit the mini rechargeable one

The Mini Rechargeable One

Bunny in the Bathroom

One last great feature shared by many of the Rampant Rabbits featured here is that they are waterproof! (EXCEPT The Little Shaking One, The Little Slim One,The Rampant Rabbit, The Midnight One, The Mini RechargeableOne and The Thrusting One.)

So you can get rampant with your rabbit in the bathroom, in the shower, in the jacuzzi, the hot tub, the pool… In a puddle even. Wherever there’s water, your waterproof rampant rabbit can go too. Start getting steamy…



Clean, Safe Fun

Variety is the spice of life. And Rampant Rabbit vibrators not only have different features, but are made out of a variety of materials. As mentioned above, silicone is the material of choice for many of the Rampant Rabbits. Silicone is a top choice because it’s hypo-allergenic as well as super-sensual.

Latex allergy is the most common sex-toy problem. But there’s no need for your worries to run rampant! ALL the Rampant Rabbits featured here are latex-free. And all are free of phthalates too.



So Which Rampant Rabbit is Best?

Still having trouble deciding which is the best rampant rabbit vibrator for you? Take heart in the fact that all the Rampant Rabbits are high-quality products with heaps of happy customer reviews behind them. In other words, they’re reliable as well as rampant.

Plus, Ann Summers offers a complete money-back guarantee with each Rampant Rabbit vibrator sold on these pages. So you really can’t go wrong.

But if you’re still no closer to finding ‘The One’, then that begs the question, why have just One…?

Click on the pic to view the full Rampant Rabbit gallery:

which is the best rampant rabbit for you