Waterproof Rabbit Vibrators

Get the Bathtime Buzz!

Take a bunny in the bath with you, and get wet without trouble.
With the bubbles and the buzzing, your pleasure will be double.

Sex in the shower. A buzz in the bath. More steaminess in the steam room. Waves of pleasure on some wild ocean beach.

Many rabbit vibrators are now waterproof, though make sure to always check before you jump into the bath with it. Below is a selection of the UK’s best waterproof rabbits. Click on a pic for info and/or to order.


Rampant Rabbit Waterproof Vibrators

The Rampant Rabbit vibrators by Ann Summers are famous… and most of them are waterproof. Get rampant in the bathroom with one of these. Click here to see them all:


Waterproof Bullet Rabbit Vibrators

As petite and portable as they are intensely pleasurable, bullet rabbit vibrators give you ultimate buzz direct from the bunny.


Take Advantage of A Waterproof Rabbit

A waterproof rabbit vibrator is the one kind of rabbit vibrator you can take anywhere! Take it on your travels and splash about under the sun.

Or if you prefer to focus on coming more than going, even in your own bathroom, a waterproof rabbit vibrator gives you endless possibilities for bubbling bunny fun.

Hop in a bath and let the bunny make the bubbles – take in some champagne or cava with you for the full bubbly buzz. Or take some rabbit power in the shower, and get dirty as you get clean.


If you’re a squirter, a waterproof rabbit vibrator is just what you need… Squirt away in the shower or relax and ejaculate in the bath. No more wet sheets to inconvenience you. Liquid pleasure all around.


Even if you’re not using them in water, waterproof vibrators have several advantages. Because you can immerse them in water, they are super-easy to clean.


You can also place them in warm water for a few minutes to warm them up before you use them – even if you’re not taking them somewhere wet. So you can ensure that when you take them into your own wet place, they’ll already be warm. No more of those uncomfortable chills upon entry. Phew.

*Click here for more tips on Getting the Best From Your Waterproof Bunny Vibrator*


A note on terminology:

A note on terminology: different companies and websites use different terminology, so always check carefully that your vibrator is fully waterproof before you dunk it in the bath.

– ‘splashproof‘ generally means you can get it wet but you can’t submerge it in water – so you can take it in the shower but not in the bath so it’s not fully waterproof
– ‘waterproof‘ or ‘submersible‘ means you can put it right in the water… but always check the battery compartment is tightly closed first.


Every rabbit vibrator featured on this page is fully waterproof.

So go ahead – get wet!