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Ingenious and classy, simple and powerful, and made with top quality Japanese motors – Vibratex have long been known for innovative, high quality and beautifully designed sex toys. However, even if you haven’t heard of them, you might be familiar with their products because they’ve been responsible for some of the most influential vibrators on the market.

Did you ever watch US TV show Sex and the City? If so, then you should know that it’s the Vibratex Rabbit Pearl vibrator which was getting all the ladies a-buzz in that famous episode..

And if you’ve ever heard of the Hitachi Magic Wand, one of the first vibrators to become beloved by women the world over, then you should know that Vibratex have made the powerful wireless version – the Vibratex Mystic Wand

Having been in business 30 years, Vibratex they know what they are doing, and you know what you’re getting when you buy Vibratex.

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The New Contender: The Vibratex Mystic Wand

vibratex mystic wand vibrator


6 vibration and pulse settings





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Whoever told you magic wands aren’t real? You won’t doubt the presence of this one once you’ve felt its power! The Hitachi Magic Wand may have been the inspiration, but this Mystic Wand steps right up. Oh yes.

Ease out those muscle tensions with the 6 powerful vibration settings, then flex its bendy neck to nuzzle it into all your favourite nooks and crannies for some really intimate stimulation…

100% skin-safe silicone and 100% waterproof, there’s nowhere this magic wand can’t go.

And being wireless, it goes one better than the Hitachi Magic Wand, and s more compact too for maximum versatility but without compromising on any of the power.

This Mystic Magic Wand purrs powerfully even on the lowest setting and with 3 vibration speeds combined with 2 pulsation patterns, it can massage you deep relaxation or wild orgasms. Two simple buttons on the base give you complete control.

To finish it off, it comes with a classy bag for discreet and stylish storage.

With the Hitachi Magic Wand no longer being available in the UK, you might have been missing the magic! However, you’ll feel more than mystic once you’ve given this Vibratex wand a whirl.

Vibrate better with Vibratex…



The Original and Best – Sex and the City Rabbit Pearl Vibrator

sex and the city rabbit vibrator

rotating pearls and head

multi-speed vibration and rotation



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The famous rabbit vibrator featured on the Sex and the City TV series, which firmly consolidated the rise of the rabbit…

Many sex toy companies have produced imitations of this amazing vibrator but most agree that the original Vibratex Rabbit Pearl vibrator is still the best.

In the show, after aquiring this orgasmic sex animal, Charlotte wouldn’t leave her apartment – don’t you want to find out why?

The pearl beads in the shaft rotate along with the head to lovingly massage your vagina and G-Spot, while the rabbit ears vibrate powerfully on your clit to really give you the best buzz.

Easy-use and hand-held controls allow you to smoothly control the levels of vibration and rotation separately, so you can tailor each ride to your particular pleasure.

Exceptionally well-made, with a quiet discreet motor and superior finish, the Rabbit Pearl is a vibrator for a lady of distinction – a ‘must have’ for any serious pleasure-seeker and vibrator connoisseur.