Thrusting, Throbbing and Waver Rabbits

Pump Up Your Pleasure…

Try a thrusting rabbit vibrator – a powerful motor pumping the head of the shaft up and down inside you, to give you that feeling of real deep penetration. Or a throbbing one.

Or try a waver rabbit vibrator – rippling motions run up and down the shaft, to give you wave upon wave of pleasure.

All come with free delivery throughout the UK, and some with free batteries too. Just click on a pic for more info and/or to buy.

Thrusting Rabbit Vibrators


All the thrusting rabbit vibrators work by part of the shaft pumping up and down. Except the Feel the G-Spot and The Moregasm Move One where the head of the shaft moves towards you (“in a ‘come hither’ movement”) to seductively massage your g-spot. And the BunnyTron Thrusting Rabbit where the shaft both rotates and thrusts simultaneously!

However, one of the joys of these thrusting rabbit vibrators is that not only do they thrust, but they do a lot of other things besides.


All of them except the The Thrusting One have pearls or beads in the shaft, which rotate around inside you for extra exquisite inner stimulation.

With the Jessica Rabbit 10 Function Rabbit, it’s the pearls themselves which thrust, inside the soft tip, unlike the other thrusters in which the shaft itself thrusts up and down.


All these thrusting rabbit vibrators have clit-stimulating rabbits obviously. But only the BunnyTron Thrusting Rabbit vibrator has a rabbit which doesn’t just vibrate but flutters against you with a choice of 3 speeds and 4 patterns. Pure heaven.


The largest of the thrusting rabbit vibrators are the Deluxe Ultra Thruster rabbit and The Thrusting One. You can insert each of these up to six inches and they’re five inches around so they really fill you up.


All of these featured thrusting rabbit vibrators are completely waterproof except The Thrusting One, so you can pump up your shower power or have an extra relaxing bath. Feel the Thrust Rampant Rabbit is splashproof though you can’t submerge it, so good for the shower but not the bath!


The Throbbing One

rampant rabbit the throbbing one vibrator

The Throbbing One

There are many thrusting rabbits but so far there’s only one that throbs: The Throbbing One Rampant Rabbit

This gives heavy pulsating vibrations, and an angled head so the throbbing is right in your g-spot….


The Throbbing One Rampant Rabbit is waterproof, so take it into the bathroom with you – or some wild water – and have a wet and throbbing adventure.


Waver Rabbit Vibrators

Ripples, waves, call them what you want, they feel amazing, running along the shaft of the rabbit vibrator deep inside you.

To many, the rippling motion is a far more sensual feeling than the thumping and pumping or monotone vibration of other rabbit vibrators.

The Ultimate Jessica Rabbit Waver features 9 speeds of rippling, as well as 9 speeds of vibration for the rabbit clit-stimulator. And the Nalone Wave Thrusting and Pulsating Rabbit vibrator (to give it its full title) does it all. Beads embedded all over the shaft just beneath the silicone skin wave and ripple to stimulate you all over inside, while the head thrusts hard to give you deeper penetration.

The Velvet Touch Waving Silicone Rabbit is also a multi-tasker. With a multi-speed waving action in the shaft and fluttering rabbit ears for your clit, you won’t be left wanting. Rechargeable and fully waterproof too!

The Feel the Swivel Rampant Rabbit isn’t a waver either, but it is a swiveller. Yes, its deliciously bulbous head swivels at three different speeds to properly massage your g-spot. One of a kind!


Let the good times roll / thrust / throb / ripple !