Three Way Rabbit Vibrators

Triple Your Pleasure

A rabbit for the front and a ‘rabbit’ for the back – double the bunny and triple the fun with a three way rabbit vibrator.

A triple stimulator rabbit vibrator, as they’re also known, features the traditional rabbit at the front, to give your clitoris a pleasing buzz, and an anal stimulator at the back, so your anus gets a teasing tingle.

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The Thrill of the Three Way….

Three way or triple stimulator rabbit vibrators have a rabbit for the front and an anal stimulator for the back and a lot more besides.

If you’re new to anal play, three way rabbit vibrators are a good way to introduce yourself to it. And if you’re an anal stimulation lover, then what better than having two rabbits to play with!



Most of triple stimulator rabbit vibrators have beaded anal probes. You can insert these partially inside, or right inside for the full internal massage. Or you can just lie them against your anal area for external stimulation.

The Dream 10 Function Triple Stimulator Rabbit has the most distinctly beaded probe for more intense stimulation there.

The Jessica Rabbit Triple Rabbit vibrator has the most soft and flexible probe, for maximum comfort, so a good one if it’s your first time having your own three-way. You can even bend it round so that it teases you underneath instead of putting it right inside.

The Triple Temptation vibrator differs from the rest because instead of an anal probe it has a broad textured stimulator designed only to stimulate your anal area outside (it’s not for penetration). And it will certainly do that with those myriad miniature fingers.



All of these three way rabbit vibrators have multiple vibration speeds and pulsation patterns which you can choose from. The Jessica Rabbit and Dream 10 Function rabbit have the most choice with 3 speeds and 7 patterns for the clitoral rabbit and anal probe (the same motor drives both).

The Triple Temptation Vibrator has 10 speeds and patterns which vibrate throughout the shaft and clitoral and anal stimulators – plus the controls are on a wire for easy use. This also means you could hand over control to someone else and really let yourself go…

But then the Triple Treat rabbit has separate bullets in the rabbit and the probe so you’ll really get a powerful buzz at both ends.



threeway rabbit vibratorAll these triple stimulator vibrators are pearl rabbit vibrators, featuring pearls or beads in the shaft which rotate around to massage you internally and writhe around on your g-spot.

With the Triple Treat rabbit vibrator the beads rotate at 4 different speeds and patterns, while the Dream 10 Function Triple Stimulator and Jessica Rabbit Triple Rabbit have 3 rotation speeds to choose from, so you can ramp it up or tamp it down as you like.

Good vibrations and good gyrations.


You can take these into the bathroom too for extra wet sensation (except the Triple Temptation Vibrator). The Triple Treat rabbit is splashproof, which means it can get a bit wet but can’t be fully submerged – not one for the bath. However, the Jessica Rabbit Triple Stimulator and the Dream 10 Function Stimulator are both fully waterproof so they can get as wet as you like!

If you haven’t tried a triple stimulator rabbit vibrator, now may be the time. Users give them great reviews – especially those who are just getting into anal play – and say that you’ll feel fantastic as they fill you up – in all your precious places. Three-pronged pleasure!

No regular rabbit vibrator will ever feel quite enough again.


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Have a threesome all by yourself!