Rotating Rabbit Vibrators

What goes around comes (around)

With a rotating rabbit vibrator, the head of the shaft rotates and rolls around inside you to give you a sensation of deep internal massage.

Many rotating rabbits also contain rotating pearls, which give you delicious extra stimulation, and give your g-spot a good workout. And others feature thrusting heads, or an additional rabbit…

All come with free delivery throughout the UK, and some with free batteries too. Just click on a pic for more info and/or to buy.

Which is the Best Rotating Rabbit Vibrator For You?

Rotating rabbit vibrators really give you the run around… in a good way!

As well as rotating, the shaft also vibrates and different rotator rabbit vibrators give you different amounts of vibration, and control.



For most rotating rabbit vibrators, the speed of the rotation can be altered, and the level of vibration varied as well, giving you a huge range of sensations. The Purple Pearl Rabbit Vibrator sets the stage here with its 10 rotation settings combining with 10 vibration settings to give you a 100 possible modes of inner motion!

With the Jessica Rabbit, Mr Big, The Platinum Rotating One and The Pearl One, you can also reverse the direction of the rotation.



Pearls are small hard balls or beads placed around the shaft of the rabbit vibrator, which move and grind around to give you that exquisite extra stimulation inside, and when you add this to the rotation, your vagina will feel thoroughly massaged and taken care of.

The combination of rotating shaft and pearl beads is so popular that most rotating rabbit vibrators are also contain pearls, including most of those featured below – check out my review of pearl rabbit vibrators for more delicious details.



If you want a little something extra, then double the bunny and triple your pleasure with a triple stimulator rabbit. The Jessica Rabbit Triple vibrator features a soft ribbed finger at the back for gentle anal tingling, ensuring none of your precious places will be left out!

Both of these also feature rotating pearls, so the pleasure keeps going around.


Let a rotating rabbit turn your head!