Remote Control Rabbit Vibrators

Are You Remotely In Control?

With a remote control rabbit vibrator, you can literally take your pleasure in your own hands. No more fumbling about with buttons at the base of the vibrator.

With a remote rabbit vibrator, you can see exactly what you’re doing and be in total control of your own rabbit ride. Or, if you prefer, hand over the controls to someone else.

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There aren’t many remote control rabbit vibrators on the market at the moment. However, those featured here are pretty special. Quality is more important than quantity after all.

The full range of treatment is on offer. If pure clitoral pleasure is what you’re after, you could go for the 7-Speed Thumper Rabbit. It will give your clitoris a good remote-controlled ride.

If you’re a die-hard rabbit vibrator fan, then the Turbo Jack Pearl Rabbit and the We-Vibe Nova will do the business. You’ll get a solid shafting with clitoral stimulation for that no-longer-elusive blended orgasm.

And if you like a bit of stimulation at the back, then the Triple Temptation vibrator has that covered. It has deliciously textured stimulators for both your clitoris and your anal area, as well as a bulbous shaft. Time for your first solo three-way.



The Turbo Jack Pearl Rabbit Vibrator features pearls – moving beads – in the vibrator shaft which move around to give you a nice internal massage. It also has a rotating heads so your vagina really gets the full treatment.

And the remote controls of the Turbo Jack Pearl Rabbit Vibrator glow in the dark, so you can always find them when you need them.



All these remote control rabbit vibrators have multiple speed settings so you can ramp up your pleasure as much as you like. The We-Vibe vibrator and Triple Temptation vibrator also have different vibration patterns for maximum variation.



Most of these remote controlled rabbit vibrators have the remote controls attached by a wire to the rabbit vibrator. So far so good. However, what if you wanted to have your rabbit vibrator controlled from further afield?

The We-Vibe Nova vibrator has an app which you can download to your phone – or someone else’s phone. This enables the vibrator to be controlled by the phone from across the room or across the world. The app also gives the vibrator more features and settings.

Think about it. You can just call up your partner and have them control your pleasure from their phone. Gives a new edge to long-distance relationships!


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Enjoy your remote rabbit roaming!