Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrators

Recharge Your Batteries….

Rechargeable vibrators are the financially healthy choice. Instead of repeatedly forking out for batteries every time you want some bunny fun, just plug your rechargeable rabbit vibrator into the mains, let it fill itself up, and then let it fill you…

Read on for a rechargeable vibrator review and browse below for the best rechargeable rabbits around.

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See also my selection of Luxury Rabbit Vibrators – all are smooth silicone and all are fully rechargeable rabbit vibrators:
luxury rechargeable rabbit vibrators


Recharge and reuse – time after time after time…

Rechargeable rabbit vibrators tend to be more towards the luxury end of the market, and a little higher in price than a standard battery-operated rabbit vibrator. However, the extra cost is offset by the savings you make in not having to buy batteries. It’s more environmentally friendly too – better to reuse a rechargeable battery than go through all those toxic disposable batteries.

The biggest advantage of a rechargeable rabbit vibrator is also that you never need worry about having no batteries to hand – just plug it in to charge, and it’s ready to go – for hours!


Although the most expensive rechargeable rabbit vibrators are pretty pricey, most of the rechargeable vibrators featured here are under £50, which is really pretty good for a quality product, especially since they’re all made of high quality silicone (more details below).

The Jessica Rabbit Luxury Rechargeable Rabbit vibrator and Lovehoney Happy Rabbits are particularly great bargains – high grade silicone and rechargeable and waterproof – all for just £49.99.


All the rechargeable rabbits here are covered in silicone which is the best sex toy material around. It’s hypoallergenic, long-lasting, easy to clean, and most importantly, silky smooth in texture to slide right in.

Silicone also warms up and retains heat well so these lovely rechargeable rabbits will quickly warm up to your body temperature and stay nice and warm. You’ll have none of that cold jelly feeling you get with some cheaper rabbit vibrators. Just make sure to use water-based lube (not silicone lube!!).


Where these rechargeable vibrators differ is in the length of time for which they hold the charge, and of course, how long it takes them to charge up. Information is not always available for both. However the best usage time is undoubtedly the Jessica Rabbit Luxury Rechargeable and the Lelo Ina 2 Luxury rabbit vibrator, both of which give you 4 full hours of bunny banging once charged.

The Lovehoney Happy Rabbit vibrators give you 2 hours of rabbit romping, after an initial 6 hour charge. The usage time for the Rampant Rabbit vibrators is not specified.

Now to the good stuff, what else do these rechargeable rabbit vibes do?


Most of the rechargeable rabbits featured are curved to nicely reach your g-spot – the Happy Rabbit G-Spot vibrator, obviously, as well as all of the Rampant Rabbits and the Lelo Ina 2 Luxury rabbit vibrator.

The Jessica Rabbit Luxury Rechargeable vibrator may offer the ultimate in g-spot stimulation. Not only does it curve nicely to your g-spot but both the shaft and rabbit are flexible so you can bend it to your pleasure.


You’ll notice that these rechargeable vibrators have sleek shapes to slip smoothly inside. Both the Ultimate Rechargeable Rabbit vibrator and the Lelo Ina 2 Luxury rabbit vibrator have a simple minimalist design.

The Lovehoney Happy Rabbit Natural Rechargeable vibrator has clean lines to naturally fit your inner contours. Comfortable for bunny beginners while seasoned rabbit addicts will find them super-smooth.

Not to be outdone, the Moregasm Contour rampant rabbit has “cushioned silicone” enabling it to mould itself to your inner contours for the ultimate in comfort and pleasure.


The Jessica Rabbit Rechargeable vibrator and the Rampant Rabbit Rechargeable One are simple but powerful with 10 speeds of vibration to choose among. But The Mighty One rampant rabbit vibrator outdoes them with simple accelerator buttons – hold them down and the power goes up up up!

The Lovehoney Happy Rabbits and Lelo Ina 2 have a mixture of speed and pattern settings to really vary those vibrations. What sets the Lovehoney Happy Rabbits apart though, is that each one features 2 motors. These are located in the tip and base of the shaft and in the rabbit so you experience the full power in your most sensitive spots.

On the other hand, The Moregasm One rampant rabbit not only has both speed and pulse patterns but also has specially deep vibrations that throb into your body like never before.


Despite their powerful purrs, all these rechargeable vibrators (except The Moregasm rampant rabbit) are quiet vibrators. So you can count on ultimate discretion in your pleasure session.


And if you want to have a session in the bathroom – or anywhere else there’s water for that matter – you can. This is because all these rechargeable rabbit vibrators are fully waterproof (except the Moregasm Contour one). Get wet and go wild.


For a wider range of rabbit thrills, browse our great guide to rabbit vibrators.

Relax and recharge…!