Rampant Rabbits by Ann Summers

Ramp it up with a Rampant Rabbit!

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Ann Summers – the UK’s best-known adult toy retailer. Rampant Rabbits – their best-loved product. Below you’ll find the full rampant rabbit range. With thrusters and throbbers, rotators and rechargeables, benders and shakers, you’ll have no trouble finding a rabbit to run rampant with your desires.

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Discontinued Rampant Rabbits and their Similar yet Cheaper Alternatives

Ann Summers changes the rampant rabbit range now and again and these next three rampant rabbit vibrators have now been discontinued.

But if you were after one of these, don’t despair!

Just click on the one you want and you’ll be shown an alternative rabbit vibrator which is very similar in form and function to the discontinued rampant rabbit vibrator – and cheaper!


So Which is the Best Rampant Rabbit For You?

So which Rampant Rabbit to choose? They’ve all received rave reviews from users so you really can’t go wrong whichever ‘One’ you decide to go for.

And there are varieties to suit everyone’s preferences, sensitivities, and deep desires…

Big and thrusting or slender and smooth, be sure there’s a Rampant Rabbit to rouse you. Which kind of mind-numbing orgasm would you like today?


Finding ‘The One’

Seriously. Whichever way you like it – or even think you might, because don’t be afraid to experiment – Ann Summers have made a Rampant Rabbit for you.

Like the feeling of real penetration, get The Thrusting One to push your pleasure further.

Want it to pulsate wildly instead? Go for The Throbbing One.

Maybe you like it going around and around? Try one of the rotating ones – not only do their heads rotate, but they have gorgeous gyrating pleasure pearls as well – as does The Original Rampant Rabbit.

If a good massage of the g-spot is what you want, The Original Rampant Rabbit and The Moregasm Move One and Moregasm Contour One will also hit the spot – with power you won’t believe.

But if they’re still a little too straight and you want a little more twisted pleasure, then try The Bendy One which will bend any way you want it! How’s that for tailor-made pleasure?

And if it’s petite and/or portable  that you’re after, nothing is more cute and compact than The Mini Rechargeable One, at just 3 inches long. The Little Slim Rechargeable One is also small but perfectly formed, for pure pulsating pleasure. And The Original Rampant Rabbit is slim as well.

If you just want to lie back – or sit right up – without any fuss, how about The Suction Base One. Perfectly curved to fit round your body, without any handle to get in the way. Leave your hands free for other things…


rampant rabbit just the ears

Just The Ears

Now, in all this, I haven’t mentioned the clit-stimulating rabbits

Well, what can I say? All the Rampant Rabbits come with a cute little rabbit, which comes with multiple vibration settings to rub up your clitoris in exactly the right way, and which will get you to come multiple times!

You can even have just the rabbit with Just The Ears. Though for just a few quid more you could get the shaft as well, so I’m not convinced about this one. If you want something small and portable with ears, I’d recommend bullet rabbit vibrators.



Many of these Rampant Rabbits – with the exception of The Original Rampant Rabbit, The Mini Rechargable One and The Thrusting One– are waterproof or splashproof too.

You’ll never have so much fun in the bathroom! Give those bubbles a buzz….



Plus, many of the Rampant Rabbits are made of beautiful smooth silicone – The Rechargeable Mini One, all the Moregasm Ones, as well as obviously the various Silicone Ones.

And all the Rampant Rabbits featured here are latex-free. Skin-safe fun to make you want your skin full of them!

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