Quiet Rabbit Vibrators


Quiet rabbit vibrators are ideal for those sexy situations where discretion is utmost. If you have thin walls and flatmates, or curious children, if you are travelling, or just taking a ‘bathroom break’ for a wee quickie, a quiet vibrator is what you need.

Read on for a quiet rabbit vibrator review and browse below for the UK’s best silent bunny vibrators. Just click on a pic for more info and/or to buy.


Quiet Rampant Rabbit Vibrators

NOTE: The Little Shaking One and The Hands-Free One rampant rabbit vibrators are also advertised as being quiet but the reviews say they’re not very quiet at all.

You can also check out the best luxury rabbit vibrators are these are high quality high powered yet quiet vibrators:
best luxury rabbit vibrators


Many of these quiet rabbit vibrators are rechargeable. This includes the Happy Rabbits, Lelo Ina and all the luxury rabbit vibrators. So you’ll save on batteries as well as noise. They’re also mostly cloaked in soft silicone which not only helps keeps the noise down but transmits the vibrations smoothly to your body.


Quiet Mini Rabbit Vibrators

Most mini rabbit vibrators are pretty quiet due to the small size of their motors. They can still be powerful, and deliver a well-focused buzz right where and when you need it.

As well as being quiet, sometimes almost silent vibrators, mini rabbit vibrators are also good travel companions, compact enough to slip into your bag or even your pocket, for portable pleasure.

Click here for a selection of mini rabbit vibrators


Quiet Waterproof Vibrators

Several of these quiet vibrators are waterproof for extra-wet fun – the Water Bunny, Ultimate Rechargeable Rabbit and the Lelo Ina 2, plus all the Rampant rabbits shown here.

If you’re using a waterproof vibrator whilst trying to keep quiet, bear in mind that it will get louder if you have it underwater in the bath, as the sound will be amplified and echoed around the tub.

There’s no such problem in the shower, however, plus the noise of the shower will drown out any low-level vibrator noise. So you can buzz away with your bunny in peaceful pleasure…


Really a quiet rabbit vibrator? Read the reviews.

When looking for a quiet rabbit vibrator, you’ll need to exercise a little caution as this is one area where the hype does not always live up to the reality, and it’s always best to read the user reviews of the vibrator to see if it’s really as silent as the manufacturer or retailer says it is.

All rabbit vibrators on this page are described as “quiet” by the retailer, and for all of them, the customer reviews bear this out.


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Enjoy a rabbit riot in perfect peace and quiet!