Luxury Rabbit Vibrators

The UK’s Best Luxury Rabbit Vibrators

What are luxury rabbit vibrators? Well, they’re high quality seriously powerful rabbit vibrators. Some luxury rabbit vibrators stand out for their smoothly sculpted shapes, some for their unusual motions and pulsations. All are clothed in high-grade silicone – the ultimate in sensual sensation – and are rechargeable for hours of seductive pleasure….

You can rely on a luxury rabbit vibrator to leave you fully satisfied.

Below are the UK’s best luxury rabbit vibrators. Click on a pic for more info and/or to buy:

A special mention has to go to the We-Vibe Nova Rechargable vibrator. This is possibly the only rabbit vibrator in existence which can be controlled from the other side of the world.

Seriously. You can download an app to your phone – or your lover’s – which will control the vibrator’s speeds and vibration settings.

Your long-distance relationship just got closer.


Which is the best luxury rabbit vibrator for me?

All of these luxury rabbit vibrators look vagina-meltingly good. But which is the best luxury rabbit vibrator for you?

First of all, here’s what they all have in common.

Silicone smoothness

All the luxury rabbit vibrators featured here are made with silicone. Silicone is the best material for rabbit vibrators – it feels soft and smooth and warms up to your body temperature – so no more of those hard cold shocks when you first insert your toy.

Silicone is also long-lasting – just be sure to use water-based lube and not silicone-based lube (as this will damage your luxury bunny!).

G-spot heaven

As for form, all these luxury rabbit vibrators are designed to specially stimulate your g-spot, with their shape or with their motion, or both.

Rabbit habit

Being rabbit vibrators, they all have the separate clitoral stimulator. However, unlike many conventional rabbit vibrators, the rabbit and the shaft can always be controlled independently in these luxury rabbit vibrators.

Clear control

The controls for using these vibrators are well-designed, being intuitive and easy to use. So no more fumbling about with the buttons at those crucial moments. These luxury rabbit vibrators will ease you into naturally escalating ecstasy…!


Another plus of these luxury rabbit vibrators is that they are all fully waterproof, which means you can take them into the bath or shower with you for extra wet wildness (except the Adore Power Swan vibrator which is splashproof, meaning it can get wet but can’t be submerged in water).

Recharge your batteries

All these luxury rabbit vibrators are rechargeable and come with mains or USB chargers. Once charged, you can use them for 2 – 4 hours, depending on the model. The Royal Swan Luxury Rabbit vibrator has the longest use period – once charged, it can go for 6 hours!

Stylish storage

All the luxury rabbit vibrators (except Fifi Je Joue) come with a stylish storage bag so it’s easy to keep them clean, and discreetly tucked away. Good for travelling!


Lovehoney luxury sex toys

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Desirable differences…

OK, those are the similarities, but what about the differences? Why pick one luxury rabbit vibrator over another?

Round and round

The main differences between them are in their functions. All of them vibrate in the clit stimulator, but some have different functions in the shaft.

If you like a rotating shaft – for extra g-spot attention – then go for one of the Swan luxury rabbit vibrators: the Love Swan, the Royal Swan, or the Power Swan.

Thrusting and pearls

The Nalone Wave Thrusting and Pulsating vibrator does what it says, and has a tip which thrusts up and down to simulate the real deal. The shaft is also lined with beads which rotate at 3 speeds for a delicious internal massage.

A beckoning finger…

The Lelo Ina Wave is the most unusual though – its shaft moves back and forth in what they call a “come hither” motion, to simulate a lover’s finger pleasuring your g-spot… Has to be tried!

Multi-speed thrills

As for vibrations, all the luxury rabbit vibrators have multiple speeds. However, the Royal Swan and the Adore Power Swan feature continuously increasing vibrations, rather than the vibrations stepping up and down between different speeds. This means you can just accelerate or decelerate the intensity as suits you, making it easier to cater to your body’s own orgasmic rhythms….

Pulsating pleasure

As well as simple vibration speed changes, the Lelo Ina 2, Lelo Ina Wave, Fifi Je Joue, Nalone Wave Thruster also features different pulsation patterns which allow you to vary the sensations more widely.

Shaped for sensation

There are also some key differences in their form too. The Adore Power Swan has a ribbed shaft for extra stimulation as you slide it in and out, and also an innovative clit-stimulator with 3 vibrating prongs.

Your flexible friend

The Lelo Ina 2 and the Royal Swan are flexible all over, and some of the luxury rabbit vibrators have flexible clit-stimulators: the Lelo Insignia Soraya, Nalone Wave Thrusting vibrator, and the Adore Power Swan vibrator.


Extra benefits

That covers how they work, but some of these luxury rabbit vibrators have specific features which may be useful, depending on where you’re going to be using them.


If discretion is a concern, then go for a quiet luxury rabbit vibrator. The Lelo Ina 2 Luxury vibrator advertises itself as “whisper-quiet”, despite having powerful motors. So you can have a discreet session without having to sacrifice sensation.

Worry-free travel

Most of these luxury rabbit vibrators also have a travel-lock (with the exception of Fifi Je Joue, The Love Swan, and Adore Power Swan). This means it can’t switch itself on by mistake while you’re not using it. A bit more peace of mind when travelling…!!



Most of these luxury rabbit vibrators are from Lovehoney, except the Lelo rabbit vibrators which are direct from Lelo.

Lovehoney is consistently voted the UK’s top online sex shop and all their luxury rabbit vibrators come with free UK delivery and a one-year “no-quibble” guarantee which allows you to return any product you don’t like – even if you’ve tried it!

Lelo has a worldwide reputation for its supreme high quality well-designed sex toys. They offer free shipping worldwide! They also have a one-year guarantee (allowing you a free replacement) and a ten-year warranty.

Oh, and all of the luxury rabbit vibrators featured here have received four or five star reviews by customers. So, whichever one you pick, you will be in good ‘hands’….


Well, I hope that’s answered all your questions about luxury rabbit vibrators and why you want to have one.

Now lie back and relax for a luxury ride…!