Looking After Your Rabbit Vibrator

Get In The Habit of Looking After Your Rabbit Vibrator

Good vibrator care is good for you and your rabbit, and basically comes down to thorough cleaning, appropriate storage, and using the right lubrication.looking after your rabbit vibrator

Looking after your rabbit vibrator this way will keep your rabbit vibrator hygienic and keep you healthy, and will go a long way to ensuring your rabbit has a long and happy life, so it can keep keeping you happy too.

First of all though, you need to make sure you know a few things about your bunny.

What’s your rabbit vibrator made of?

This will affect how you clean it, how you store it, and what kind of lubrication you can use. Realistic feel vibrators need more particular care, for example. The type of material it’s made of should be stated on the packaging and the retailer or manufacturer’s website, so find this out right away.

Is your rabbit vibrator waterproof?

If so, is it fully waterproof, so that you can immerse it in water? Or just splashproof? This will make a difference to how you can clean it.


Cleaning Your Rabbit Vibrator

Click on the heading above for quick tips and a comprehensive guide to how to clean your rabbit vibrator. Not that it’s anything complicated, but there are a few things to pay attention to.

Plus, a few useful cleaning products you may want to pick up.


Storing Your Rabbit Vibrator

Click on the heading above for quick tips and everything you need to know about how to store your rabbit vibrator.

Storage might not sound important, but if you want your bunny to stay in good condition, there are things you need to know, especially if you own more than one sex toy.

Plus, a few nice storage bags you might fancy.


Using The Right Lubrication

Using a lubricant which is compatible with the material your vibrator is made of is vital to keeping your vibrator in good condition. It’s no good looking after your rabbit vibrator carefully then ruining it by using the wrong lube. Using the wrong lube, can damage your vibrator – for example, using silicone-based lube on a silicone vibrator can cause the vibrator’s silicone to slowly disintegrate.

Using a lubrication that’s appropriate for internal use is also, of course, vital for your own health.

See my guide to lubricating you and your rabbit vibrator for a review of the different lubes and when to use them, as well as good prices on the most popular lubricants.

As a general guide, water-based lubes are the safest bet in most situations, silicone-based lubes are suitable for some vibrators in some situations, and oil-based lubes are best avoided completely.

See also my guide to rabbit vibrator materials for specific advice on which lube to use with which kind of rabbit vibrator.


Spreading and Sharing The Joy

If you use your rabbit vibrator around your anus as well as your vagina, it’s especially important to keep it really clean. Same if you are sharing it with someone else.

The easiest way to prevent the spread of bacteria between different parts of your body or between different people is to put a condom over your vibrator before using it, and change the condom before you put your vibrator in/on a different orifice (e.g., when moving it from the anus to the vagina) or when you use it on a different person.

The condom also protects the surface of your vibrator, so will help it last longer too.

In these cases, it’d be safest to use a dedicated sex toy cleaner, to make sure all germs and bacteria are annihilated between uses.

Bondara Sex Toy Cleaner and Lovehoney Fresh Toy Cleaner are good-value spray-cleaners. You can also get some handy fresh-wipes for a quick hygienic wipe-down of you and your vibrator. Good for when you’re on the go.

All of these are cheap – under £5! – so it’s not a big investment, and they are suitable for use on any and all sex toys.


How safe it is to share vibrators also depends partly on the material it’s made of. Be particularly careful of sharing your vibrator if it’s made of Loveskin, or another realistic-feel material as they tend to retain bacteria. If you want to share it with a partner, only do so if you’re both sure you’re  free of any infections, and probably best to use an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner (see below).


General Rabbit Maintenance

Other than cleaning and storing it well, keep an eye on your rabbit vibrator for any signs of damage or deterioration, as these can create a potential health-risk:

– check your vibrator frequently for any cracks or tears in the material – look especially around the rabbit area as this is the most delicate part of the toys – these can gather bacteria, as well as being damaging to your delicate inner membranes, so stop using your vibrator if it starts to show serious signs of wear and tear.

– check your vibrator for mould or mildew – if you see ANY, time to chuck it

– always use good batteries, take them out after each usage and store them separately – this is good for your vibrator, to avoid it getting contaminated if the batteries happened to leak – it’s also good for your batteries, as stops them from being drained if your vibrator gets turned on accidentally

– keep an eye on the inside of the battery compartment for corrosion from battery leakage – if there are signs of any corrosion at all, then stop using it

In summary, it’s time to retire your rabbit vibrator IF:

– it has cracks and/or tears
– it has mould or mildew
– the batteries have corroded inside

But where to chuck it?


Recycling Your Rabbit!

New UK regulations require that all electrical waste – which includes your beloved dead rabbit vibrator – have to go to a designated electrical waste collection centre. There are now over a thousand of these at recycling centres around the UK, but if you really don’t feel like taking your used rabbit for a trip to the tip, there is such a thing as rabbit vibrator recycling.

Don’t worry – this is not passing on your old rabbit for someone else to use. But top UK sex toy retailer Lovehoney runs a Rabbit Amnesty Recycling Scheme.
You have to create an account with them to use it, but then you can send them any electrical sex toy and as well as knowing it’s getting safely recycled, they donate 50p to an eco-charity, AND give you loyalty points in return. Everybody benefits.


Of course, the better care you take of your rabbit, the longer you’ll get good use out of it.

After all, if your bunny’s your buddy, it deserves a bit of TLC!