Lockdown Loving: Sex In a Time of Coronavirus

coronavirus sex - long distance lovingLockdown and social restrictions are taking tolls on many of our love lives. Maybe you’re stuck at home on your own and horny as hell. Maybe you don’t have a partner. Maybe your your partner in a different household, or even a different country. Maybe your partner is right here in the same house but you’re driving each other up the wall and sex is just not happening.

Whatever the issue with your coronavirus sex life, sex toys can help.

And if money’s an issue – as it probably is! – scroll down a bit for the latest discounts and deals on coronavirus sex toys…


If you have a partner but you’re physically separated

we vibe nova remote control rabbit vibrator

We-Vibe Nova Rechargeable

Heard of teledildonics? Bit of a mouthful but it refers to electronic sex toys which can be controlled at a distance via apps. So you can even be across the world from your partner and still have them take hold of your pleasure with their smartphone..

Lovehoney has some great app-controlled toys here: LONG-DISTANCE SEX TOYS

They’re not cheap, at over £100 each, but then if you can’t spend money in the pubs or shops, then maybe you can afford to invest in a special sex toy for these crazy times. There’s even a remote-controlled rabbit vibrator…


If you have a partner but you’re driving each other mad

In this case, maybe a bit of separation could do you both good. You could go for remote-control sex toys which operate at closer range – and are thus cheaper than the app-controlled ones. You can be in different rooms or the same room and control each other’s pleasure at a bit of a distance. Put the mystery back into things and see what your lover does to you next. Enjoy handing over a bit of control…

You can click on the link for Lovehoney’s range of remote-control toys: REMOTE-CONTROL SEX TOYS


If you don’t have a partner

Then the sex toy world is your oyster! There are so many myriad sex toys out there, from simple dildos and vibrators to butt plugs, anal beads, vaginal balls, and a whole load more.

Your best bet is to browse online.

LOVEHONEY consistently wins awards for being the best online sex shop in the UK and for its excellent customer service:

BONDARA also offers a huge range of toys and clothing as well as quality products and good customer service and has excellent prices. It also has a lot of bondage gear (hence the name).

ANN SUMMERS is also pretty good, especially for lingerie and sexy clothing.


Budget sex toys

Obviously, many of us (myself included) have lost much of our income due to coronavirus restrictions. Money is therefore an issue! Thankfully, there are plenty of bargains to be had – quality products at good prices. Coronavirus sex need not be unaffordable.

Bondara has the cheapest prices and best sales. Click here for their outlet site to get up to 50% off:


Lovehoney also do good discounts and deals. Click here for their latest special offers:


Lovehoney also have discounts for those in various professions and services, including NHS and care workers. Click here to see if you can get those discounts:



Remember, sex is good for you. It reduces stress and since stress is bad for your immune system, coronavirus sex is a great way to boost your health and well-being.

Stay well everyone 🙂