Happy Rabbit Vibrators vs Rampant Rabbits

You’ve probably heard of Rampant Rabbits, the range of rabbit vibrators made famous by Ann Summers. But have you heard of Happy Rabbit vibrators, made by Lovehoney?
happy rabbit vibrators
If not, then it’s about time you did.

Lovehoney‘s Happy Rabbit vibrators are some of the rampant rabbits strongest competitors.

Each Happy Rabbit vibrator is made of smooth luxury silicone and is incredibly powerful, containing 2 motors, with 15 vibration settings, yet they are also quiet, simple to use, and rechargeable.

The Happy Rabbits really are a quality product, and a quality ride.

The Best Rabbit Vibrator

“Wouldn’t you rather be happy than rampant?” Lovehoney asks. Those are fighting words! So how do the rampant rabbits and the happy rabbits square up?

Rampant Rabbits are very popular, and this is largely because they are simply the best known rabbit vibrator range in the UK, and Ann Summers is a familiar sight on high streets everywhere.

Yet does that make rampant rabbits the best rabbit vibrators?

Both Ann Summers and Lovehoney claim to publish all customer reviews on their websites – not just the good ones – and if you look at these, the Happy Rabbits consistently get better reviews and ratings than most of the Rampant Rabbit vibrators.

There are only 2 Happy Rabbits, however (there used to be 3) and far more Rampant Rabbits. So there may not be a Happy Rabbit for everyone’s taste. The Happy Rabbits designs are classy and simple however, with different shapes, features and functions. And you can’t argue with rabbit vibrators that contain 3 motors!

However, really, the only way to find out which is the best rabbit vibrator is to try one for yourself.

You can check out Ann Summers full range of rampant rabbit vibrators here.

And have a look at each of the Lovehoney Happy Rabbits:

Natural Happy Rabbit vibrator

G-Spot Happy Rabbit vibrator

(Realistic Happy Rabbit vibrator – discontinued)


Buying Your Happy or Rampant Rabbit Vibrator

The devil is in the details too, and Lovehoney win hands down on this, with free delivery of every product over £10, not just the more expensive ones, like Ann Summers.

Lovehoney also offer a one-year full guarantee – you can try it, and if you don’t like it, you have a year to return it. Lovehoney will even pay the postage.