G-Spot Rabbit Vibrators

Hit the Spot in Serious Style…

Rabbit vibrators are often talked up for their capacity to give you the ‘blended orgasm’ – a clitoral orgasm and a g-spot orgasm, experienced at the same time. Spine-melting stuff, for sure, but while the rabbit will always take care of your clitoris, will the shaft really take care of your g-spot?

Sometimes it’s hard to angle a straight-shaft vibrator to really get to the point of your pleasure… but with a curved head, these g-spot rabbit vibrators will reach right to the spot. Just click on pic for more info and/or to order.


Rampant Rabbit G-Spot Rabbit Vibrators

Many of Ann Summers’ Rampant Rabbit vibrators are shaped for g-spot stimulation. However, here are the best ones for massaging your g-spot.


What else do g-spot rabbit vibrators do?

G-spot rabbit vibrators have the curved head to get right to your good spot. But some have extra flexibility and features.

Rampant Rabbit The Little Shaking One has extra nubs or nodules at the tip to really tickle that spot, while Rampant Rabbit The Bendy One and The Silicone Curved One have a fully flexible shaft to give you more wiggle-room to bend the bunny vibrator to your precise specification, and the Jessica Rabbit Luxury Rechargeable vibrator has a bendy bunny as well.

The Moregasm Move One rampant rabbit goes even further – not only is its shaft curved but it will actually move to and fro to fully massage your g-spot. And the Feel the G-Spot rampant rabbit also moves back and forward to powerfully press into your g-spot, with even more of an angled tip!

10 function thruster waterproof rabbit vibrator

Jessica Rabbit Thruster £39.99

The Jessica Rabbit Thruster 10 Function vibrator is the only one without a curved tip, but it is included here because the shaft contains beads which thrust and which are specifically designed to stimulate your g-spot. Moulded nodules here further enhance the g-spot sensation.

And let’s not forget the G-Tongue. As well as its head rotating, the little clit-stimulator is shaped like a tongue and actually flickers to make you come quick quick quickly…



Some g-spot rabbit vibrators are smooth for an easy glide in – none more so than Rampant Rabbits Feel the G-Spot, The Silicone Curved One, The Mighty One, The Moregasm Move One and the Lovehoney Happy Rabbit G-Spot vibrator, as all are covered in silky smooth silicone.

The Jessica Rabbit Luxury Rechargeable and Lelo Ina 2 Luxury Rabbit vibrators are also silicone, but with super-sleek and simple designs for the ultimate easy ride.

And The Metal One Rampant Rabbit combines silicone with an ultra sleek metal shaft for hot or cold pleasure.


Some g-spot vibrators also shake – like Rampant Rabbit The Little Shaking One – or even throb – like Rampant Rabbit The Throbbing One – to really get your insides a-quiver.

If you prefer a more sensual sensation, then try Feel the G-Spot Rampant Rabbit which strokes your g-spot. Or the Feel the Swivel Rampant Rabbit which has a swivelling head which really reaches the spot.


With the Jessica Rabbit Thruster the shaft contains rotating beads as well as the thrusting beads so you get all round stimulation. And the deliciously bulbous head of the G-Tongue rabbit vibrator rotates to give you a thoroughly good going over too.

(If rotation is really your thing, you can also check out more rotating rabbit vibrators )


All these g-spot rabbit vibrators vibrate of course, but perhaps none more powerfully than The Moregasm Contour and The Moregasm Move One rampant rabbits. They’re designed with special “climax technology” to delivery vibrations deeper into your body than ever before….


Ann Summers rampant rabbit, The Hands Free One, is perfectly curved to fit around your body, and inside, you can keep your hands free for other pleasures.


If you’re new to rabbit vibrators or simply don’t like your rabbit vibrators too large then go for the G-Tongue, or The Aqua One or The Little Shaking One rampant rabbits. These are all slimline models to fully excite you with maximum comfort.


A few of the g-spot rabbit vibrators are also waterproof – handy for a good long deep inner massage in the bath or a quick frisky hit in the shower. Try the G-Spot Hunter Rabbit, the Jessica Rabbit Luxury Rechargeable, the Jessica Rabbit Thruster, or the Lelo Ina 2 Luxury Rabbit vibrator. All the rampant rabbit vibrators featured here are good bathtime bunny buddies too.


Ultimately, g-spot rabbit vibrators come in all shapes and sizes, but they are all designed to hit the spot, so browse above for the bunny to hit yours.

And enjoy giving it to your g-spot!