Doc Johnson Rabbit Vibrators

Update: These Doc Johnson rabbit vibrators are no longer available.
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“Innovation. Sensuality. Excitement.” Doc Johnson is the largest designer and maker of ingenious sex toys and has been for over 30 years – the best designs, the safest materials, and pretty cool packaging too.

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doc johnson throbbing hearts rabbit vibrator

Throbbing Hearts £49.99

white wabbit wonderland doc johnson vibrator

White Wabbit £29.99

doc johnson ivibe thruster rabbit vibrator

iVibe Thruster £62.99

doc johnson waterproof black rabbit vibrator

Black Magic £39.99

doc johnson lucid dream rabbit vibrator

Lucid Dream £32.99



Doc Johnson Lucid Dream no. 48 rabbit vibrator

Lucid Dream 48 £39.99











Which is the Best Doc Johnson Rabbit Vibrator For You?

Most Doc Johnson rabbit vibrators merge clitoral and vaginal stimulation. You can flick on the moving shaft and the buzzing rabbit ears simultaneously or individually. The sensual shaft stimulates the inside your vagina, whilst the rabbit’s ears massage your clitoris, giving you double the arousing feelings…

Doc Johnson know how to cater to your desires, so with their rabbit vibrators, you can always control the levels of vibration, and also the levels of a variety of other things. These Doc Johnson rabbit vibrators encompass a real range of stimulating sensations.


Some realistically emulate the movements of a real penis. The Throbbing Hearts Rabbit does this by swelling and contracting in girth, while the iVibe Rabbit Thruster pushes up and down to simulate a thrusting action, as well as giving you some good old rotation to really get the groove going inside.


If rotation is what turns you on, the Black Magic Rabbit also rotates, with big beads or pearls in the shaft to give your g-spot a good massage. Like the iVibe Rabbit Thruster, you can also control the speed and even reverse the direction of the rotation to really custom-control your ride. And of course the clitoral rabbit vibrator is multi-speed too. The Lucid Dream No.48 Rabbit is another rotator rabbit. No pearls in this one but a gorgeous waved ridge pattern on the shaft gives an extra edge to your pleasure.


If you want to ensure your G-spot is taken care of, the beads of the Black Magic Rabbit will work it well, as will its rotating head. And the rotating head of the Lucid Dream No.48 gets right into your G-spot too. Probably the original Lucid Dream Rabbit will be the one you want, though. A smooth curved shaft reaches right to the spot and a bullet vibrator enclosed just there puts the vibrations right where you need them. The other curve of the Lucid Dream Rabbit places a bullet vibrator right on your clit so it really pinpoints your pleasure.


If you want to fully focus on your clit, though, try The White Wabbit. The White Wabbit is not only all beautiful silicone rabbit ears, but those ears have 3 speeds and 7 patterns of of vibration to really raise the pressure of clitoral stimulation and truly deliver you to Wonderland.


One final thing you’ll be glad to know is that ALL the Doc Johnson Rabbit Vibrators featured here – with the exception of the iVibe Thruster Rabbit – are waterproof! So you can take them into the shower, the bath, the jacuzzi for a delicious bubbly buzz.


If you like to be having fun while you’re out and about, or if you just prefer more petite pleasuring, Doc johnson have a range of quality bullet vibrators to tickle your fancy and put a smile on your face. They’ve become very popular due to their small size and versatility. So you whether you’re looking for discreet solo fun on a night in or a night out you, can tuck them away in a handbag, luggage ….or your panties…!

Or for a truly legendary experience, try the worldwide favourite mini vibrator, the Doc Johnson iVibe Pocket Rocket. Compact, powerful and discreet, it’ll come everywhere. And so will you.

Thanks Doc!