Doc Johnson Throbbing Hearts Sensual Rabbit Vibrator

doc johnson throbbing hearts rabbit

swelling shaft

10 functions


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This is the ultimate in the real-feel for the inside. Forget thrusting action, this one throbs. And not just with heavy vibrations – with the Throbbing Hearts Sensual Rabbit vibrator, the girth of the shaft actually swells and contracts with your own body’s movements.

Yep, the shaft actually expands, pushing outwards against your vaginal walls. This is the closest you’re going to get to the swelling sensation of a real penis – but actually better, because you have a choice of three speeds of delicious throbbing pulsation.

Better too because the shaft is deliciously ribbed or ridged which adds an extra edge to the throbbing sensation – you really feel every motion.

And also better, because you have a 7-speed vibrating rabbit on your clit all the while. Unusually, this is a one-eared rabbit but its sits just right and is beautifully soft… They call this a “ground-breaking” rabbit vibrator, but earth-shaking is more the effect.

Or bath-bubbling, because this beautiful throbbing bunny vibrator is fully waterproof so can go down under water with you any time…

The Throbbing Hearts Sensual Rabbit vibrator is well-named. You’ll be throbbing sensually all over after a session with this one. Plus, you can rely on Doc Johnson for a quality product, very reasonably priced at £49.99. What are you waiting for?


4.5 starsReviewers give the Doc Johnson Throbbing Hearts Sensual Rabbit vibrator four and a half stars!

“This comes in pretty plastic packaging – very cool. But, cutting straight to the chase, the throbbing action is phenomenal. The swelling is very rhythmic and really gets me turned on incredibly fast. What’s best about it is that it allows you to get the girth or width inside of a bigger vibrator, but without having the discomfort of having to get a bigger one in. This one just slides in easily and then presses you in all the right places. I come sooo easily with this vibe. I find the one-piece rabbit really good too. You can turn up the vibrations so they are really intense and then I find it stimulates the whole area behind and around my clit too. First time I’ve bought a Doc Johnson vibrator but I am very very impressed. And very very happy!”

“It’s noisy, it’s very big, and there’s only one rabbit ear. But oh my god this is an amazing vibrator. The shaft is ribbed so it feels totally delicious sliding in, and then once it’s in, and on, oh my god. The throbbing is AMAZING. It just takes the piss out of other vibrators. I don’t think I can go back to a normal vibrator now. There are only 3 speeds for the shaft but that’s plenty with this intensity of sensation. I love the rabbit too. At first I was put off by it not being two-eared, but as long as I place it well before I get going, actually it feels really really good. I don’t miss a two-eared rabbit at all. I definitely definitely highly recommend this vibrator!!”

Doc Johnson Throbbing Hearts Sensual Rabbit vibrator specs:

colour: Pink
material: Skin Safe Rubber (Latex and Phthalates Free)
features: Multi-Speed, Built-in Push-button Controls
insertable length: 5.75 inches
total length: 10.75 inches
shaft circumference: 5 inches
flexible?: Yes
waterproof?: Yes
batteries: 4 x AAA (not included)


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