Cheap Rampant Rabbits

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Cheap Rampant Rabbit Twins!!

Hankering after one of Ann Summers‘ legendary rampant rabbit vibrators but put off by the price? Think instead about a rampant rabbit ‘twin’.

You didn’t know rampant rabbits had bunny-twins did you? Well, they don’t, strictly speaking, but it just so happens that the UK’s other leading online sex shops, Lovehoney and Bondara have quality rabbit vibrators with very similar features to rampant rabbit vibrators but at lower prices.

So browse below to find your bargain rampant rabbit twin. And if your favourite rampant rabbit vibrator has been discontinued, you can find a good (or even better) equivalent!


the rampant rabbit

The Original Rampant Rabbit £30


jessica rabbit pearl vibrator - cheap rampant rabbits twin

Jessica Rabbit Pearl £21.99



rampant rabbit the bendy one

The Bendy One


flexi rocker rampant rabbit twin vibrator

Flexi Rocker


rampant rabbit the thrusting one

The Thrusting One


ultimate thrusting vibrator

Ultimate Thrusting


rampant rabbit the platinum rotating one

The Platinum Rotating One £45


platinum rabbit vibrator

Platinum Rabbit


rampant rabbit the throbbing one vibrator

The Throbbing One


Ultimate Jessica Rabbit Waver

Ultimate Jessica Rabbit Waver £34.99


rampant rabbit the mini rechargeable one

Mini Rechargeable One £45


Bondara silicone rotating rechargeable rabbit vibrator

Silicone Rechargeable


rampant rabbit the purple silicone curved one

The Purple Silicone Curved One £50


g-spot rabbit vibrator from Lovehoney

Lovehoney Dream


rampant rabbit the rotating one rabbit vibrator

The Rotating One


Jessica Rabbit 10 Function Silver vibrator

Jessica Rabbit Silver £34.99


rampant rabbit the metal one

The Metal One


blissful luxury silicone rechargeable rabbit vibrator

Blissful Luxury Rabbit


rampant rabbit

The Moregasm Black One £70


tracey cox supersex rabbit vibrator

Tracey Cox Supersex


rampant rabbit the moregasm move one

The Moregasm Move One £75


lovehoney desire rabbit vibrator

Lovehoney Desire


rampant rabbit twist purple vibrator

Twist Purple


bondara ten function ribbed rabbit vibrator

Ten function ribbed


rampant rabbit the aqua one

The Aqua One


Bondara Silicone Smooth 20 Function vibrator

Silicone Smooth 20 Function £21.99


rampant rabbit the little shaking one rabbit vibrator

The Little Shaking One NOT AVAILABLE


joy 10 function rabbit vibrator

Joy 10 Function Rabbit


rampant rabbit the midnight one

The Midnight One


elite rabbit vibrator

Elite Rabbit


rampant rabbit the little slim one

The Little Slim One


Lovehoney Slimline Oh! Rabbit vibrator

Lovehoney Oh! Slimline £36.99


rampant rabbit the golden one

The Golden One


G-Spot Hunter Rabbit Vibrator

G-Spot Hunter


rampant rabbit the hands free one vibrator

The Hands-Free One


silicone hands free vibrator

Silicone Hands Free


rampant rabbit the pearl one vibrator

The Pearl One


VeDO JOY silicone vibrator



rampant rabbit the silicone rotating one

The Silicone Rotating One NOT AVAILABLE


jessica rabbit vibrator

Jessica Rabbit 10 Function £34.99


sensations feel the g spot rampant rabbit vibrator

Feel the G-Spot


Power Play G Spot Rabbit Vibrator

Power Play G-Spot


Sensations Feel the Swivel Rampant Rabbit

Feel the Swivel


velvet touch waving rabbit vibrator

Velvet Touch Waving £31.99


Sensations Feel the Thrust Rampant Rabbit vibrator

Feel the Thrust


10 function thruster waterproof rabbit vibrator

Jessica Rabbit Thruster £44.99


rampant rabbit the silicone one vibrator

The Silicone One


velvet touch intense vibrations silicone rabbit vibrator

Velvet Touch Silicone £39.99


rampant rabbit the rechargeable one

The Rechargeable One NOT AVAILABLE


lovehoney happy rabbit 2 g spot vibrator

Happy Rabbit Rechargeable £54.99


rampant rabbit the mighty one rabbit vibrator

The Mighty One


happy rabbit 2 g-spot vibrator

Happy Rabbit 2 G-Spot £54.99


rampant rabbit the moregasm one

The Moregasm One


velvet touch silicone rabbit vibrator

Velvet Touch


rampant rabbit the three way one vibrator

The Three-Way One


cheap rampant rabbit jessica rabbit lovehoney three way rabbit vibrator

Jessica Rabbit Triple


rampant rabbit the powerful one

The Powerful One


mr big rabbit vibrator

Mr Big


rampant rabbit the expanding one

The Expanding One


cheap rampant rabbit extra girth ultra pleasure rabbit vibrator

Xtra 10 Function Girthy


Advantages of buying non-rampant rabbit vibrators

A cheap rampant rabbit equivalent

Rampant rabbit vibrators are legendary and for good reason. There’s no other range of rabbit vibrators quite like them. Nonetheless, there are a few reasons why you might be better off buying a rabbit vibrator which is not from the rampant rabbit vibrator range – a cheap rampant rabbit twin.

Well, first off, you’ll be better off financially. Rampant rabbit vibrators aren’t cheap and, although they are good products, to some extent you’re paying for the brand name. The rabbit vibrators featured here, from Lovehoney and Bondara, are as good as Ann Summers’ rampant rabbits, but simply cost less. Their lower price could also be because Lovehoney and Bondara are purely online retailers which no phsyical overheads to maintain, unlike Ann Summers who have their many high end high street shops to pay for.

There are other advantages to shopping with Bondara and Lovehoney too. In general, Bondara generally have the cheapest prices for sex toys online, and the biggest variety. And Lovehoney regularly win “retailer of the year” awards for their customer service and high-class products. Lovehoney also famously offer a one-year no-quibble guarantee on all products, which means you can actually try your rabbit vibrator for a while and return it if it’s not right for you.

Bondara and Lovehoney are also slightly better for saving money on postage too. Ann Summers will only deliver free (in the UK) if you spend over £35. Lovehoney have a free delivery threshold of £30 while at Bondara you just have to spend £20 to qualify for free delivery.

A quality rabbit vibrator

But it’s not all about money, is it? You want a rabbit vibrator that suits you, and you want a good one. Surely Ann Summers‘ rampant rabbits are the best rabbit vibrators, right? Well… that’s a matter for debate, and of course it depends to a large extent on the particular model.

However, in the past, if you looked at customer reviews for rabbit vibrators on the websites of Ann Summers, Bondara and Lovehoney, you would often find that the rampant rabbits had lower ratings than their rabbit vibrators ‘twins’ on the other sites(though there were a few, like The Mighty One, which got consistently excellent ratings). I say “in the past” because Ann Summers have now removed customer reviews from their website for any products (which is to say they give a basic rating but don’t allow you to actually see customer feedback). That in itself might be telling…

Having said that, rampant rabbit vibrators are good products with a solid reputation so if there’s one that tickles your fancy, go for it. It’ll be a worthy and worthwhile investment 🙂 But don’t dismiss the option of buying a rabbit vibrator from Bondara or Lovehoney either. You will be pleasantly surprised…

You might have your heart set on a rampant rabbit but maybe some other kind of rabbit vibrator might be The One for you (and your wallet)…


Ramp it up with a rampant rabbit twin!