Bondara’s Cheap Rabbit Vibrators

Bondara’s prices are always the best and they’re also the only UK sex toy website to offer free batteries on all their products. But you can get even more bargain bunnies with Bondara’s special deals and sales.


Bondara Bargains Department

Bondara also maintain an excellent bargains department, which features many super cheap rabbit vibrators, shown below. Just keep going down and click to buy when you see one that hits the spot…




jesica rabbit vibrator


Jessica Rabbit £9.99

multi-speed – easy-use – classic design

Jessica Rabbit is perhaps the most popular rabbit and this model is simple and perfectly formed – beautifully shaped jelly rubber – multiple speed vibrations, easy-use twist-control base. A great staple to start.

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aquagasmic rabbit vibrator



Aquagasmic Rabbit Vibrator £11.99

jelly rubber – multi-speed – waterproof!

Firm bulbous jelly rubber head and rabbit ears, multiple speed vibrations with easy-twist control at the base, and – best of all – completely waterproof so you can have really steamy bubbles with this bunny in the bathroom.
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rabbit strap-on clit-stimulator vibrator


Rabbit Strap-On Clit Stimulator £13.99

elastic straps – bullet powered – waterproof

Adjustable elastic straps so you can slide it in and strap it on for delicious, continuous, hands-free pleasure. Powerful vibrations from a detachable bullet, soft jelly rubber shaft and ears, and waterproof – wear it in the shower!

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G-Spot Hunter Rabbit Vibrator


G Spot Hunter Rabbit £14.99

two motors – g-spot shaped – waterproof

A smooth operator, the shaft slides right in to perfectly target your g-spot and vibrate at multiple speeds of your choice, while the clit stimulating rabbit buzzes with its own powerful motor. Waterproof too – time for a hot shower…

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aquagasmic double pleasure rabbit vibrator


Aquagasmic Double Pleasure £14.99

two multi-speed vibrators – waterproof – night light

A multi-speed vibrator in the shaft and another in the rabbit, and totally waterproof to guarantee you waves of wet double pleasure. Double the aquagasmic power, and glows in the dark!

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passion 30 function cheap rabbit vibrator


Passion 30 Function Rabbit £17.99

slim – silicone – 30 modes – waterproof

Sculpted in smooth silicone and ABS plastic, the Passion Rabbit Vibrator has 30 spine-tingling functions. It’s sleek and slimline – perfect for first-timers and waterproof, for extra wet fun. (Choice of pink or purple.)

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jessica rabbit pearl vibrator


Jessica Rabbit Pearl Penetrator £19.99

rotating pearls  – multi-speed – waterproof

24 pearls rotate inside the shaft to give you an unforgettable vaginal massage. Meanwhile the rabbit vibrates at multiple speeds on your clit. And it’s waterproof, which is a good job because you’re going to get really wet.

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thruster rabbit deluxe vibrator


Thruster Rabbit Deluxe £22.99

thrusting – rotating head and beads – multi-speed

Not only does it have a rotating head, rotating beads, and multiple vibration speeds, but it also thrusts up and down inside you for the full-on feeling of penetration. Amazing.
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silicone hands free vibrator


Silicone Horny Hands Free £29.99

7 speeds and vibrations – silicone – waterproof

Look no hands! Hands free vibrators are becoming popular and why not. 7 speeds and vibration patterns, controlled by a simple easy-use button at the base, means you can enjoy a smooth silicone ride while keeping your hands free for other things…



jessica rabbit luxury rechargeable cheap rabbit vibrator


Jessica Rabbit Luxury Rechargeable Rabbit £49.99

silicone – g-spot head – quiet
The ultimate luxury rabbit vibrator at a bargain bunny price. Classy silicone, shaped for maximum g-spot and clitoral thrills, 10 speeds, and rechargeable for endless rabbit rampages. Quiet and waterproof so you can use it anywhere…

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Be sure you get the best budget bunny vibrators!