Butterfly Vibrators

For hands-free pleasure, a  strap-on butterfly vibrator cannot be beaten. A butterfly/wearable or strap-on vibe places the vibrator over a woman’s clitoris via straps or underwear. If you can imagine a G-string or thong with a teensy vibe vibrating against your clitoris, you’ll get the drift.  Now you just need to choose the best top quality butterfly vibrator for yourself, or for another as a special gift.

Below is a select list of high quality great value models from top UK adult toy supplier Bondara. Just click for more info and/or to buy.


butterfly strap-on clit stimulator


Butterfly Strap-on Clit Simulator

This small but powerful butterfly strap-on gives you multi-speed vibrations through a specially fabricated jelly body for intense stimulation and thrilling pleasure right where it counts. The moulded straps ensure it’s comfortable to wear. Click on the button for more info and/or to order.

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butterfly strap-on clit stimulator


Rabbit Strap-on Clit Stimulator

This rabbit strap-on vibrator consists of a smooth jelly dildo complete with clit stimulating rabbit ears and wireless control for the ultimate in complete but discreet pleasure. It’s also fully waterproof so you can get extra wet. This is the best wireless strap-on at a fantastic low price. Click on the button for more info and/or to order.

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remote butterfly strap-on


Remote 10 Speed Butterfly Strap-on Vibe

This top-of-the-line butterfly strap-on comes complete with a dildo as well as clit-stimulator, both of which have 10 vibrational speed and pulsating patterns to suit your needs. It has a remote control so you can hand over the controls for a truly thrilling ride. Click the button below for more info and/or to order.

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7 speed strap on butterfly vibrator


7 Speed Strap-on Triple Stimulator

This top-of-the-line 5 star rated strap-on allows you to experience 7 different vibrating and pulsating patterns so you can customise the sensations to maximise your pleasure – from one orgasm to the next! Comes complete with clitoral, vaginal and anal pleasure – so nothing gets left out :). Click the button below for more info and/or to order.

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Get the best from your Strap-on Butterfly Vibrator

If you haven’t tried a strap-on butterfly vibrator now’s the time. There are many many ways to use it. For a start, without the need to grasp the toy in place, you can use your hands to feel other parts of your body when you’re having a nice solo session.

You can also use it with a partner –  a hands-free vibe can be exactly the thing if your hands are required to brace yourself or prop yourself up. Alternatively, you can get a remote controlled butterfly vibrator and have over the controls to your partner for an uncontrollably thrilling ride…

Finally – and this might not be the first thing you think of – you can also wear a butterfly vibrator underneath your clothes. Try this when you hit the town for a night out – it’ll give you a definite spring in your step and glint in your eye. Or of course you could use it occasionally to liven up a dull day at the office!

The hands-free wearable vibrator has been around for many years – the first was shaped like a butterfly, hence the name. However, in recent years, all kinds of critters and sea creatures have made their way onto these hands-free strap-on vibrators, so you can select different shapes if butterflies are not your thing.


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