Bullet Vibrators, Silver Bullets, and Eggs….

All the ammunition you’ll need

Small and sleek yet strong and powerful, bullet vibrators and vibrating eggs send you where you want to go. Use on your own, or use with a partner. Use at home, or use on the go.

Being so compact and quiet, bullet vibrators are the most versatile and discreet sex toy on the market, as well as the cheapest and most convenient. Many are fully waterproof too. Perfect pleasure for any situation you can think of…

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lovehoney vibrating love egg


Lovehoney BASICS Vibrating Love Egg

multispeed – powerful – simple to use

A simple love egg. Nice and smooth, with a flattened tip, it fits nicely inside. Or outside. Vibrations can go from gentle to powerful with one easy twist of the wired remote control dial. A simple route to solo ecstasy. Or an intriguing addition to couple play…

Basically beautiful.

love egg vibrator


lovehoney 10 speed dream bullet vibrator


Lovehoney 10 Speed Dream Bullet Vibrator

multi-speed/pulse – waterproof – pointed tip

3 speeds and 7 pulsation patterns all controlled by a single button. With a pin-pointed tip for very precise pleasure, you can use this bullet to vibrate yourself to exquisite ecstasy. Over 3 inches long and 2.4 inches around, this reaches the places smaller bullets can’t.

Multiple pleasure for under a tenner.

lovehoney 10 speed dream bullet vibrator


Doc Johnson dual bullet vibrators


Doc Johnson Dual Dancing Vibrating Bullets

two bullets – multi-speed – simple remote control

Two bullets vibrating in perfect tandem. The only question is where to put them? Easily controlled by a single dial via a wired remote control, you can place them on your clit and g-spot simultaneously. Or give one to a partner. Or hand over the controls…

Two-in-one fun!

bullet vibrator buy button


lovehoney bedtime bullet vibrator set


Lovehoney Bedtime Bullet Vibrator Set

large and small bullets – multispeed and patterns – remote control

Pick a bullet vibrator – large or small. Plug in the long 32 inch wired remote control. Go! Ramp up with a choice of 3 speeds. Vary it with a choice of 7 patterns. Use alone. Use with a partner. Only trouble is you’re unlikely to want to sleep much at bedtime…

For the ultimate midnight feast.

bullet vibrator buy button


bullet vibrators - cupid set


Cupid’s Perfect Triple Bullet Vibrator Set

multi-size – multi-function – remote control

3 different size bullets to choose from (although you can only use one at a time). 5 pre-programmed functions. 17 settings. This is a bullet vibrator variety kit with remote control easy-push buttons for highly controllable convulsions!

Multiple multi-pulse pleasures.

bullet vibrator buy button


cupid remote control bullet vibrator


Cupid’s Perfect Remote Control Bullet Vibrator

multi-speeds/patterns – remote keychain control!

This ultra discreet bullet is controlled by a keychain remote control which works at a distance of up to 7.5 metres! The bullet has 6 speeds and functions. Let someone else take it in hand and the anticipation will really drive you over the edge.

Hand over your pleasure.. if you dare.

bullet vibrator buy button


remote control love egg


Lovehoney Desire Luxury Remote Control Love Egg

smooth silicone – wireless remote control – rechargeable

One smooth silicone egg. One wireless remote control. Eight wave and pulsation patterns. Twelve speeds. Just plug it in… and off you go. Hand over the controls if you dare. USB rechargeable so you don’t even need to buy batteries.

Slick and smooth!

bullet vibrator buy button


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Choosing and Using Your Bullet Vibrator

Powerful, small and shaped like a bullet, bullet vibrators, or silver bullets, are the most compact and versatile vibrators on the market. Initially designed to use on the clitoris, bullet vibrators can be played with on or in almost any area of the body. You can use your bullet vibe solo or with a partner. Try it and see how it feels.  Gently place it on your clitoris. Run it over your nipples. Try the tip on your tongue. Sneak it up behind the balls. Roll it around the ass. Tickle around your vagina. Hell, the bullet can go almost anywhere. It’ll have you rolling in pleasure from your lips to your hips, and maybe the tips of your toes too.

You can even slide a vibrating bullet inside – great if you’re looking for gentle penetration that’s not too full-on. They’re too small to reach as far as a regular vibrator, but they’ll give you some sweet sensations and if you want a little something to go farther in, try the vibrating eggs. And if that’s not enough, try the double eggs or egg and vibrator combos- they’ll have you buzzing and tingling in all areas.

More advantages of bullet vibrators

One of the best things about bullet vibrators is that their small size and quiet motor means they are extremely discreet. So you can not only put them anywhere, you can also take them anywhere, unlike rampant rabbits and other full-size vibrators. You can easily tuck a bullet vibrator or silver bullet into your bag or pocket while you go out and about: you never know when you’re going to need to nip away for a little quickie, so best to be prepared by having a bullet vibrator on hand at all times…

Their clean and simple shape means they’re easy to wipe down too. Bullet vibrators are so cute and compact that they make the ideal travelling companion.

Bullet vibrators are also perfect for exploring the possibilities of sex toys – as a first purchase to experiment with, or as an addition to a sex toy collection, as they can easily be used to enhance and increase the effects of other sex toys.

And to enhance the effects of other body parts. Vibrating bullets are also a perfect toy for couples (or more…) in whatever male and female combinations you fancy, as each person can benefit from the vibrations and stimulations in pretty much every part of their body. Bullet vibrators are a great way to discover someone else’s secret places, as well as further exploring your own…

Bullet vibrators and vibrating eggs are available wireless, for simplicity, or wired with remote-controls. Opt for a remote bullet vibrator and hand the controls to your partner for some delightfully teasing sex games. Or plug your partner in and fire them up!

Which is the Best Bullet Vibrator for You?

There really is no end to the possibilities of bullet vibrators, and these days there is no end to the types of bullet vibrators either. Bullet vibrators are sometimes still referred to as silver bullets – after one of the kinds which was most popular originally. However, there are now many different types of bullet vibrator available (including bullet rabbits) and there are several factors to consider when making a purchase:


Some bullet vibrators are just one-speed – they do the job and are ultra-simple to use. Many come with multiple speeds – good if you like to start soft and build up in intensity, or if you just like variation as you buzz. If you like different patterns of sensation, then a few models have settings and programmes to vary the types of pulsation as well as the speed.


Most bullets have in-built controls at the base – a button or a dial for simple and easy adjustment and control. A few of the more sophisticated models, however, come with remote controls…. so you can have your pleasure in the palm of your hand, or give it to (or use it on) a partner for the ultimate remote-controlled tease.


Bullet vibrators are generally made of skin-safe plastic. Some have a smooth matt coating made of polyurethane, which makes the bullet feel soft and velvety on the skin. Others are shiny, without a coat, and feel more slippery on the skin, giving friction-free stimulation. A select few come in silicone too, for a beautiful soft warm texture – or you can buy a silicone sleeve to fit over your regular bullet for a sleeker shape and sensation.


Many models of bullet vibrator are fully waterproof, including the original silver bullet. So they can come into the bath or shower with you, or wherever else you like to get wet. Bullets and bubbles – whoever thought such a combination would be so enjoyable!


Most bullet vibrators use small LR44 or N batteries. These don’t last for a long time and are not as cheap as you might think for their tiny size. To get around this, a great option – especially for those who are never far from their laptop – is the USB vibrator egg which can be powered from any usb port, giving a new meaning to being ‘plugged in’..

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This is not the time to be bulletproof!