Bullet Rabbit Vibrators

The Bullet and the Bunny went to bed
in a beautiful orgasmic blend.
They cost little money and give plenty of honey –
well worth every penny you spend

Bullet rabbit vibrators are becoming a rare species. But here are four of the UK’s best. Just click on a pic for details and to buy.


Choosing and Using Your Bullet Rabbit Vibrator

Combining the erotic ears of the rabbit clitoral vibrator with the precision vibrations of the bullet vibrator, bullet rabbits really give you a good bang for your buzz.

Small and sleek yet strong and powerful – bullet vibrators send you where you want to go. And bullet bunnies do it better!

Instead of just putting a vibrating bullet directly against your precious spots, bullet rabbit vibrators delightfully transmit the bullet buzz through their little rabbit ears to deliciously tease your clit.

Or anywhere else – or anyone else – you please.

Cute, compact and carry-able, bunny bullets are the bunny buddy you need for every situation.





Like ordinary bullet vibrators, bullet rabbits can be used anywhere on your body, or anyone else’s – some even attach to you or your partner’s body with finger rings.



And like normal bullet vibrators, they are small and discreet for perfectly portable pleasure (for the ultimate buzz on-the-go, there’s even one you can wear…).

And like regular rabbit vibrators, they have the rabbit ears to deliciously spread the vibrations over your clitoris. With the rabbit part being made of silicone too (in almost all the models featured here), they feel fantastic on your skin.



Bullet rabbit vibrators really a great combination of the best features of bullet vibrators and rabbit vibrators. And you can slip off the silicone rabbit sleeve to reveal and revel in the sleek shiny bullet beneath – with its tip pointed precisely to your pleasure. Bullet rabbit vibrators are 2-in-1 fun.



For this reason, they’re a perfect choice as a first sex toy, as they enable you to try out the vibration experience and the bunny ears and start to discover what tickles your precious places.

Experienced rabbit pros will love them too, as they have the main features of the rabbit vibrator – a buzz and a bunny – but in diminutive and adaptable form. Easy to travel with, and so quiet that you can treat yourself to a pleasure session wherever you want without anyone else catching on (unless you want them to).



A bullet rabbit is also a great and safe choice as a gift, as they really have a bit of something for everyone. Who doesn’t want their clit gently nuzzled by a soft silicone bunny? And who doesn’t love the ticklish thrills of a powerful vibrator running over their skin?



Most of the bunny bullets featured here are waterproof too, so there really are no barriers as to where you can play with them – they’ll come everywhere with you and you’ll come everywhere with them!



And of course, one of the best things about them is their affordability. You don’t have to shell out wads of cash to grab one of these rabbits. Most models here are under £20, so you can try something new or stock up your collection risk-free.

Pick up a bullet bunny buddy and let the rabbit roam…


Which is the Best Bullet Rabbit Vibrator for You?

Picking the best bullet bunny is a discerning choice though, as despite being small, they have a diverse range of features.

Having said that, choosing bullet rabbit vibrators is maybe easier than choosing another kind of sex toy because there are not many models on the market.

The six models featured here are the only ones available on the UK’s top adult toy online stores, but the sheer variety of their functions means they’ll provide anything you might require of your bunny buddy.
Once you’ve found your best bullet bunny buddy, have a look at my tips on how get the best out of your bullet rabbit vibrator


Let the bullet bunny buzz…