Rabbit Vibrators: News and Sales

coronavirus sex - long distance loving

The coronavirus lockdowns and restrictions are taking a toll on many of our sex lives. Yet sex is really good for us. It’s a great form of indoor exercise and it makes us feel good and relieves stress. Stress suppresses our immune systems so anything that reduces it helps. So more coronavirus sex can make us fitter and healthier and in a better state of mind.

Obviously there are loads of sex toys and aids out there for us to use alone. However, there are also increasing amounts of sex toys which are remotely controllled – some even at great distance, via smartphone apps. So if you and your lover are stuck apart from one another, you can still literally get it on together. Hand over control of your pleasure and let them physically arouse you from afar…

Click here for the best toys for coronavirus sex

Clearance sales

Lovehoney have a half price sale.

Lovehoney are consistently voted the UK’s best sex shop. They stock a huge range of sex toys, lingerie, accessories, and bondage gear – you name it, they have it, all with an 100% money-back no-quibble guarantee. Click to pick your bargain.
Lovehoney clearance sale


Bondara also have an excellent clearance sale

It’s up to 50% off – and they usually have the cheapest prices to start with.
Bondara clearance sale


Upgrade your pleasure

You upgrade your phone when you want a better model, so why not your rabbit vibrator? We are talking about your most intimate pleasures after all.

Just click on the pic below to check out my selection of the UK’s super-sleek luxury rabbit vibrators. They’re not all super-expensive either.

upgrade - using your rabbit vibrator

New year, new you, new top-notch rabbit vibrator….


Want a vibrator but not sure what kind?

If you’re after a vibrator but aren’t quite sure what you want, then you can check out Lovehoney’s “vibrator finder” – go through a step by step process to select the features you want, then it’ll match you up with your dream vibrator… Click on the pic to try it:

vibrator finder - rabbit vibrators and other vibrators - it's all there....

Are rabbit vibrators for you? Or some other kind of vibrator? Find out now…