Mini Rabbit Vibrators

Petite, Portable, Pocketable Pleasure

Mini vibrators come in all shapes and sizes, and now they come in rabbit guises too.

Mini rabbit vibrators are perfect for bunny beginners or if you just love that clit-stimulating bunny buzz but without too much deep penetration. They’re also perfect for travelling because of their compact size. Whatever your destination, pop a small rabbit vibrator in your pocket, and off you go!

Browse below for the UK’s best mini rabbit vibrators and small rabbit vibrators. Just click on a pic for more info and/or to buy.


Bullet Rabbit Vibrators

buzz bunny cheap rabbit vibrator

Buzz Bunny Finger Vibe

Cupid's Mini Rabbit Vibrator

Cupid’s Mini Rabbit

Multi-speed Magic Mini Rabbit Vibrator by Lovehoney

Multispeed Magic Mini

rabbit strap-on clit-stimulator vibrator

Strap-On Clit Stimulator

rocks off ramsey rabbit

Rocks Off Ramsey Rabbit

rocks off bullet bunny rabbit vibrator

Rocks Off Bullet Bunny

rampant rabbit just the ears

Just The Ears Rampant Rabbit £30

Powered by a strong bullet vibrator, these bullet rabbits deliver strong stimulation where you need it, with up to 3 inches of insertable pleasure. Cute and ultra-compact, you can take them anywhere. There’s even one you can strap on!

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Small Rabbit Vibrators

first time flexi slider waterproof rabbit vibrator

Flexi Slider Rabbit

turbo jack rabbit vibrator

Turbo Jack Pearl Rabbit

multispeed waterproof rabbit vibrator

Beginner’s Rabbit

joy 10 function rabbit vibrator

Joy 10 Function Rabbit

Lovehoney Slimline Oh! Rabbit vibrator

Lovehoney Slimline Oh!

maia marcia mini rabbit vibrator

Maia Marcia Mini Rabbit


Rampant Rabbit Slimline Rabbit Vibrators

rampant rabbit the aqua one

The Aqua One

rampant rabbit the little shaking one rabbit vibrator

The Little Shaking One

rampant rabbit the little slim one

The Little Slim One

rampant rabbit the mini rechargeable one

The Mini Rechargeable One £40


These rabbit vibrators have a wider range of forms and features, but are all small-sized at up to 5 inches in insertable length.

The Turbo Jack Pearl Rabbit and The Slim Silicone Rampant Rabbit contain pearls, while the Turbo Jack Mini has a rotating head too.

And the Rampant Rabbit Little Shaking One has a beautifully curved and bumpy g-spot tip, for an extra sensory hit, while The Mini One Rechargeable rampant rabbit has seven delicious vibration settings.

The Aqua One, The Mini Rechargeable One and the Little Shaking One Rampant Rabbit vibrators are made of smooth silicone, as are the Joy 10 Function Rabbit, the Lovehoney Slimline Oh! vibrator, and the Maia Marcia Mini Rabbit vibrator.

Perfectly-formed pleasure.


Mini Non-Rabbit Vibrators

doc johnson ivibe pocket rocket mini vibrator

iVibe Pocket Rocket

OK, so it’s not a rabbit vibrator, but it is possibly the best-selling mini vibrator ever… the iVibe Pocket Rocket, by Doc Johnson.

Compact and quiet and fitting perfectly into your pocket, as well as a variety of other places, the Pocket Rocket is a favourite the world over. And gives great massages too.

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Mini Vibrator Reviews and Guides

Small vibrators are so varied and versatile that I’ve put together a couple of guides to choosing and using these great mini vibrators.

Choosing Your Bullet (Rabbit) Vibrator – to find out more about the different features and functions of mini or bullet vibrators

Getting the Best Buzz from your Bullet Vibrator –  although it’s not rocket science to use a pocket vibe, there are suprising ways you can use your mini vibrator. Check out these handy tips.


Enjoy some pocket-sized pleasure!